• A carpet doormat made from recycled Econyl fibers. Perfectly absorb moisture and collect dirt. Suitable for high traffic areas (working class 33). More information on […]

    Coral Brush 5710 asphalt grey
    Coral Brush 5714 shark grey
    Coral Brush 5715 charcoal grey
    Coral Brush 5721 hurricane grey
    Coral Brush 5723 cardinal red
    Coral Brush 5724 chocolate brown
    Coral Brush 5727 stratos blue
    Coral Brush 5730 vulcan black
    Coral Brush 5741 cannon grey
    Coral Brush 5750 aztec black
    Coral Brush 5722 cornflower blue
    Coral Brush 5709 royal purple
    Coral Brush 5716 masala brown
    Coral Brush 5706 brick red
    Coral Brush 5705 Bondi blue
    Coral Brush 5754 straw brown
    Coral Brush 5764 pentrified grey
    Coral Brush 5767 slate blue
  • Object-oriented carpet doormat with very high removal of dirt and moisture from footwear. Suitable for high traffic, especially for short input zones. More information on […]

    Coral Duo 9710 luna pearl
    Coral Duo 9714 Silican sand
    Coral Duo 9721 dark steel
    Coral Duo 9725 cafe bahia
    Coral Duo 9727 Volga blue
    Coral Duo 9730 black diamond
    Coral Duo 9723 African red
    Coral Duo 9724 cafe supreme
  • A carpet door mat for low-traffic entrance areas.

    Liverpool 80
    Liverpool 70
    Liverpool 60
    Liverpool 50
    Liverpool 40
    Liverpool 36
    Liverpool 29
  • Rug door mat with cut pile, for applications in low-traffic entry areas.

    Peru 20
    Peru 30
    Peru 32
    Peru 40
    Peru 50
    Peru 52
    Peru 60
    Peru 88
  • We offer a wide range of carpet door mats for apartments, offices and public facilities. A detailed offer can be found in our sales outlets […]

    wycieraczka blue
    Wycieraczka brown
    Wycieraczka green