Chemical products


  • Universal primer for priming absorbent subfloors before gluing floor coverings, leveling and repairing masses. For indoor use.

    QBIX GR21
  • Dispersion priming concentrate for use on renovated, old substrates. Highly concentrated product, water-dilutable, for universal use: on airtight, poorly absorbent subfloors and wooden surfaces, before […]

    UZIN PE 260 10 kg
  • Dispersive primer with carbon technology for use on tight and smooth surfaces. Ready to use and quick-drying. Creates a rough and adhesive surface. Under mineral-based […]

    UZIN PE 280 12 kg
  • A primer based on an epoxy resin for sealing very moist substrates. It allows you to speed up work without the need to wait long […]

    UZIN PE 480 10kg
    UZIN PE 480 5kg