Chemical products


  • Anti-slip agent for fixing carpet tiles. Free of solvents. Used for fixing PVC flooring in tiles, textile and textile linings on the latex bottom and […]

    QBIX PA70
  • Universal glue for gluing carpets with a synthetic jute bottom and standard, compact PVC floor coverings on absorbing subfloors. It is not recomended for gluing […]

    QBIX KL30
  • Polyurethane, two-component adhesive for wooden floors QBIX KD80PU. Especially recommended for: traditional parquet 10 – 22 mm, parquet lamellar 10 mm, parquet dyle, ready-made parquet, […]

  • Dispersion glue with very high adhesive strength, designed for gluing elastic floor coverings, the latest generation of glue, can be used both “wet” and “semi-dry”, […]

    UZIN KE 2000 S
  • Dispersion adhesive with high adhesion and very low emissivity, for sticking almost all types of textile linings, very universal application. The characteristic, thread-like joint guarantees […]

    UZIN UZ 57 NEW 14 kg