Chemical products

  • Foam to clean upholstery, carpets and rugs from local dirt. It effectively removes various types of staining.

  • Anti-slip agent for fixing carpet tiles. Free of solvents. Used for fixing PVC flooring in tiles, textile and textile linings on the latex bottom and […]

    QBIX PA70
  • Universal primer for priming absorbent subfloors before gluing floor coverings, leveling and repairing masses. For indoor use.

    QBIX GR21
  • One-component polyurethane primer for priming substrates before gluing parquet with resin-based adhesive. Especially recommended for priming before using QBIX KD80 PU.

    Grunt QBIX GR88PU
  • Dispersion priming concentrate for use on renovated, old substrates. Highly concentrated product, water-dilutable, for universal use: on airtight, poorly absorbent subfloors and wooden surfaces, before […]

    UZIN PE 260 10 kg