Coral Duo 9710 luna pearl 9710 luna pearl
Coral Duo 9714 Silican sand 9714 Silican sand
Coral Duo 9721 dark steel 9721 dark steel
Coral Duo 9725 cafe bahia 9725 cafe bahia
Coral Duo 9727 Volga blue 9727 Volga blue
Coral Duo 9730 black diamond 9730 black diamond
Coral Duo 9723 African red 9723 African red
Coral Duo 9724 cafe supreme 9724 cafe supreme

Coral Duo


Object-oriented carpet doormat with very high removal of dirt and moisture from footwear. Suitable for high traffic, especially for short input zones. More information on the FORBO website.

Classification: 33
Flammability class: Bfl s-1
Thickness: 9 mm
Pile hight: 6 mm
Rolls width: 205 cm