Floor panels

Glued LVT

Opus REN113 REN113
Opus SP111 LUNA SP111 Luna
Opus SP112 SOLIS SP112 Solis
Opus SP113 NIMBUS SP113 Nimbus
Opus SP114 OMBRA SP114 Ombra
Opus SP115 NERO SP115 Nero
Opus SP211 MICO SP211 Micro
Opus SP212 TERRA SP212 Terra
Opus SP213 URBUS SP213 Urbus
Opus SP214 FORMA SP214 Forma
Opus SP215 FERRA SP215 Ferra
Opus WP311 GRANO WP311 Grano
Opus WP312 PALLEO WP312 Palleo
Opus WP313 IGNEA WP313 Ignea
Opus WP314 CERA WP314 Cera
Opus WP315 AURUM WP315 Aurum
Opus WP316 RUBRA WP316 Rubra
Opus WP317 ATRA WP317 Atra
Opus WP318 CARBO WP318 Carbo
Opus WP411 NIVEUS WP411 Niveus
Opus WP412 PRIMO WP412
Opus WP413 MAGNA WP413
Opus WP414 ARGEN WP414 Argen



Vinyl LVT panels glued to the subfloor.

Construction: heterogenic (layered)
Thickness of wear layer: 0,55 mm
Total thickness: 2,5 mm
Dimensions: (see technical information)
Classification: 23 / 33 / 42
Flammability: Bfl s-1