RZ Turbo Protect Plus RZ Turbo Protect Plus - topcoat lacquer based on water
RZ Turbo Protect Zero RZ Turbo Protect Zero - topcoat lacquer
RZ 150 RZ 150 a thorough cleaning agent
RZ 151 RZ 151 an intense means for thorough cleaning
RZ 160 RZ 160 dispersion coating, gloss
RZ 161 RZ 161 Protective coating PUR gloss
RZ 162 RZ 162 Protective coating PUR silky gloss
RZ 180 RZ 180 Agent for ongoing care and maintenance
RZ 181 RZ 181 Cleaning agent
RZ 190 RZ 190 Stain remover
RZ Refresher RZ Refresher agent for renovation of LVT panels

Measures to keep PVC floor coverings clean


Means for professional maintenance of clean PVC floor coverings. They enable: thorough cleaning of the floor covering (RZ150, RZ151), ongoing care and maintenance (RZ180, RZ181), protection with dispersion coating (RZ160, RZ161, RZ162) or varnish (RZ Turbo Protekt) and renovation of LVT (RZ Refresher) panels.

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